A better career for teachers in Canada

A better career for teachers in Canada

Canada is a country that places a lot of emphasis on education. Teaching is one of the 10 most sought-after jobs in Canada. Teachers were included in eight of the 11 provinces’ most in-demand jobs lists in the country. Job Bank Canada estimates that there will be 53,700 new teaching jobs in Canada by 2028. Teaching in Canada also gives you the opportunity to earn up to $ 96,000 per year. Why Canadian immigration is an attractive option for teachers

As mentioned earlier, Canada is a country that places great importance on education. That is why primary school education in this country is completely free. Canada offers attractive income and other benefits to teachers. Canada is one of the top 10 highest-paid teachers in the world in primary education.

Benefits for teachers in Canada
  • Maternity leave / parental leave with income·
  • A maximum of 15 weeks leave with 55% of salary in case of illness·
  • Up to 35 weeks of paid leave in case family members are in need of care due to illness or accident for any reason

Educational Credential Assessment is required if your educational qualifications are not obtained from Canada. Educational Qualifications Required for Teachers in Each Category

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Must have completed a college-level course in Early Childhood Education lasting two to four years. Or Must have a degree in Child Development.·
  • Early Childhood Assistants must have completed secondary level education. Must have work experience in child care.
  • Must have an Early Childhood Assistant Certificate or have passed a post-secondary course in Early Childhood Education.
Elementary / Kindergarten Teachers

Degree in Education and Child Development. Additional training in Special Education, Provincial Certificate.

Academic / Secondary Teachers

Degree in Education, Arts or Science College, and Vocational Instructors Degree, or postgraduate degree, or diploma in a related field. And a Certificate or Diploma or Degree in Adult Education.

University Professors

Doctorate or postgraduate degree in a related field In addition to this you will need a Provincial Teaching Certificate and the license you will receive when you become a member of the Teachers’ Association in the designated province to work as a teacher in Canada.

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